CRUSH Online – Revolutionary Hybrid

Just a few weeks ago I managed to get a key for CBT, and now the latest production of JoyImpact on September 8 is available in open beta for everyone. Have the visionaries and designers done a good job and will CRUSH attract us for longer??



CRUSH Online is a game. well, how to classify it. On the one hand, we have to praise Crossout for its The open world called Gaia, which is a map divided into dozens of sectors medium size, PVE storyline, item collecting The Missions are the aforementioned team battles, one for racing and another for fighting. But on the other hand the game also strongly refers to the MOBA mode, for example with arenas characteristic for this mode (but with only one line), or the question of abilities. Add to that a dash Vibrant graphics, isometric view and what you get? Ahem, probably a hybrid. Let’s call it MMORPBA or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Battle Arena.

Faction wars? Why not

At the very beginning, after installing the game and choosing the server, the first thing that strikes us is not to choose The hero, but the faction. Each of our heroes will fight in the name of his faction for its glory. There are 3 available in the game: Arslan, power hungry, descendants of the strongest nation in Gaia – Erion and one of the leading nations in this world – Army (and I don’t mean army, in the English version this faction is called so).

In fact, at the moment we choose of the faction is rather symbolic, because we don’t have any bonuses or penalties from it. Let’s keep one thing in mind: unlike for example. DarkOrbit, Legions (local guilds/clans) MUST NOT include players from different factions. Finally someone did it logically! I won’t say because I’ve made quite an affair in DO, because if we choose a faction, let’s be loyal to it, not shoot “With” in the back when fighting against an enemy faction. JoyImpact in this matter from me has a low bow and thunderous applause.


Mage, Zab and the Guardian

As this is a new production, we have to be careful The character level is rather modest and limited to 3. Christmas is in a way b a combination of mage and helper. The Punisher is nothing less than a racial tab The Punisher is a fast and agile. Guard is our tank and heavy fire support. I will not list their offensive abilities because. no character has it! Each of the characters has 2 sets of passive skills – basic and additional. Unfortunately, each hero has the same, at least for now.

Since no one has the ability, how does the fight look like? That it is a weapon that The weapon we use defines our active abilities. Each type, even weapon model, has a different set of abilities. C top axe not. There are several types of weapons You can also get more characters per hero: 3 for the Saint and 2 each for the Punisher and the Guardian. Each weapon, like in MOBA has three basic abilities and one ultimate. What’s more we can have several weapons at once and switch between them in battle with just one key, which gives us a lot of new possibilities.


On the podb Gaia to the glory of the faction

Having a hero we start in the training sector. This is where you will learn the basics of character control and combat and skirmishes in the MOBA arena. A nice tutorial will tell us exactly what we have to do, and the map will show us where. After a few missions we get to the stronghold of our faction and here we have more freedom. We can continue to perform PVE tasks, we can continue to fight in the arena or we can go to battle for more territories.

However, we have to be very careful. There is no safety zone, there is no limitation to only PVE or only PVP play. While performing missions for NPCs we can be attacked by players of the enemy faction. Fortunately, the self-awareness of other members in our faction causes that sometimes strangers passing by and seeing the fight join it.


Another important thing is orientation on the map. If we enter a hostile area (by accident, while passing through, or with the intention to conquer) EVERY currently logged in player of the enemy faction will get a super visible message about the weapon is the invasion and the ability to teleport for free to the attacked sector to defend. Fortunately, our faction also gets a message about the planned attack and then our people can join in.

A hero doesn’t just kill


Ok, om e wowed the punisher aspect in military, but these are not the only elements of the game. In the game, like in a racial MMORPG, there is a Also crafting, market, or upgrading weapons and equipment. These have been divided into levels and so called “levels”. Each weapon or “artifact” (element of armor or other non-combat equipment) comes in 5 grades (D, C, B, A and S) and each of them has a level 30 .

During battles, or simply by buying we gain spell stones, equipment we must first upgrade to the last level to p Then using the support stone to lift it to a higher grade. The 1st level of the new grade has the same parameters as the 30th level of the previous grade, so you don’t lose, but you can gain by upgrading higher. The lazy will not appreciate it, the passionate will love it.

It’s only a beta


Since it’s only a beta, and freshly after opening, it’s not immune to all in, as well as inaccuracies. First of all, the Polish client (yes, it exists)!), the font as of today (17.09) does not support Polish characters , so there are holes in the words. I’ve raised the topic twice on the forum (both on CBT and on OBT) so maybe finally someone will be interested in it.

Besides, although the graphics of the game look great, but visually the game lacks a lot. It hurts me e.g. lack of home, some villages, towns. even merchants or other important characters do not have some kind of posts, stalls in, office etc. They’re just standing around in a big empty hallway. Nothing much, but it spoils the atmosphere a bit.

Another thing, the previously mentioned factions. Currently it looks like belonging to a faction gives us a different faction color on the map (blue, red or green) and a different exit point from the fortress. And that’s it one more little thing. When creating a hero we have a preview of the weapons he will use. And e.g. guard has handy top and. well. The model looks like a Gattling cannon. As a big fan of this weapon that’s the only reason I took this character.


The big disappointment was that the six-barrel weapon, instead of plowing through lead at the speed of light dealing little damage, is simply a cannon. Single fire and a good kick. But this confusing model. I suggested the days change the model, and the Gattling as the 3rd weapon variant for the guard. There remains hope. Admittedly, one could mention a dozen other small and big mistakes It is very good, hopefully it will get better, but the article would be stretched sky-high.

Good variety


Let me put it this way, gameplay in CRUSH has potential. It’s new, it’s fresh, and it actually draws you in. Considering the fact that it is only recently in the PTI phase, and still a lot can change or appear in it, I have a lot of confidence in it. It’s already very good, let’s hope it will only get better. I recommend with a clear conscience.