Prepare yourself for an epic journey in the world of dragons and adventure! Feast your eyes on this incredible visual representation of the item levels that await you in patch 10.2 and Season 3. Witness the power and glory that awaits you as you conquer raids, craft legendary items, delve into Mythic+ dungeons, and unlock the treasures of the Great Vault.

Thanks to the brilliant mind of Technical-Metal-1621, we now have a chart that compares the current Season 2 item levels with the upcoming Season 3. This chart is not only accurate, but also incredibly useful in visualizing the distribution of item levels in the upcoming season. From raid difficulties to Mythic+ keys, from Great Vault breakpoints to Crest level ranges, this chart has it all!

Source: WOW S3 ilvl visualization.

Are you ready to embark on this thrilling adventure? With this visual representation, you can now fully grasp the item level progression that awaits you in Season 3. Compare it to the current Season 2 numbers and get ready to level up your gear like never before!