League of Angels 2 – The Angel Kingdom in Need Again!

League of Angels 2

In the life of every player there often comes a moment that makes you smile. The gameplay we enjoyed so much is interrupted by a momentary dimming of the screen. We are always aware that this situation will come, but we are never ready. A series of subtitles appear, and each successive name is accompanied only by a slow exhalation. The poker face perfectly masks the pain we know so well. Tears begin to flow down our cheeks and we realize that we have just finished the game. An unusual void is created that is hard to fill. But we can’t give up. We catch ourselves in all sorts of activities just to occupy our minds. Another account on tribes or exploring the nooks and crannies of the game island slowly ceases to be enough. That’s when we try something we never had a chance to try before. We fire up our first browser-based MMORPG and suddenly something unexpected happens. The gameplay becomes addictive, every now and then we catch ourselves on uncontrolled logging. What kind of title is this? League of Angels 2.

What melody is this?

The first login was like a shot from a chewing gum commercial, a huge breath of fresh air. I’m sure that everyone who had a chance to play the first installment of this series knows what I’m talking about. The developers have prepared a nice surprise. The world that opens up before us is fully three-dimensional. Brags about nicer graphics were true. A brand new game engine awaits us, thanks to which we can see the fights and characters in 3D. Fortunately, this is not the end of the changes. As we begin to listen to the soundtrack, we realize that the changes in graphics are nothing to be proud of. The audio quality, based on the work of an entire orchestra, is simply amazing. String instruments, as well as plucked ones, did such a great job that for the first time I didn’t think of turning the sound off. To the classic setting in the game there are also dialogues of some characters. In addition to the visual cues in the gameplay, there are also NPC interjections, thanks to which it is much faster to understand the idea of the task at hand, or the scheme of the improvement. Also newly met enemies interject single sentences that emphasize the character and his character. All these small details make the game connect even better with its atmosphere.

The further into the forest.

The plot outline doesn’t make you shudder, or even slightly surprised. The Kingdom of Angels has been attacked by demons again and our hero is the only person able to save the world. We won’t be able to experience any plot twists or unexpected quests. Here, unfortunately, the developers didn’t do too much. Let’s move on to the gameplay itself. More powerful engine made the interface stand out with deeper colors. Colors are more vibrant, making the UI more pleasing to look at. It is not as cluttered as its predecessor. Unfortunately, the improved graphics also have their downsides. Loading a new location takes too much time and it’s definitely not the fault of the internet speed or computer power. Unfortunately, our hotheaded hero doesn’t wait for us at all, and regardless of whether we’re watching the clash or not, our warrior starts to fight.

Passive observer

As in the first part, a team accompanies us on our adventure. Its composition, skills, or setting can be freely changed. This gives us an opportunity to construct a strategy, which can simplify the gameplay, but I’m afraid there’s nothing to simplify. Our hero as the chosen one has no equal in the whole land and during the first hours of the game we are not even needed at the computer. The characters themselves choose the target and the order of attack, and even this can be further simplified by choosing ”auto” options. You can test your combat prowess in battles with other players, but it didn’t thrill me a bit. The game also features an efficient chat function between players, which can translate text into Polish. What you should praise.

There is hope

Despite the considerable shortcomings in the gameplay mechanics, the creators of League of Angels have shown that they can work on mistakes. It’s a huge step forward and I’m convinced that it can be even better. League of Angels has great potential, and a great team overseeing the project. I think that the next installment of this production may forever change the view on MMORPG browser games, but what can I say. See for yourself!