My Sunny Resort – Build Your Holiday Resort

The vacations are fast approaching and the weather is getting more and more inspiring to plan a vacation. As m as the holiday is coming soon, I decided to get in the right mood. Help came from My Sunny Resort, in which I found a sunny holiday resort, the sea, sun loungers, holiday bungalows and those sounds. A real vacation!

Holiday browser game

My Sunny Resort game

In the past, not only in the holiday season, I spent a lot of time at the once popular Farmerama. My Sunny Resort reminds me of it in terms of possibilities, control and convention. But playing in managing my own hotel, building accommodation for guests, making sure that every bush, tree and plant is watered, seems more interesting to me. Maybe it’s because I’m slowly getting into the mood for sunbathing and the coolness of the sea water, and most likely because I see far more options and opportunities here.

In addition, despite appearances, without a good strategy can not be done. At first, I just set up my bungalow. I accommodated the hotel guests, the hotel dollars came to my account, so I started to spend them. For another deckchair, a palm tree, a flowerbed. I was even tempted to equip the lodge with two sub ♪ I don’t know ♪ ifi. The budget shrank quickly, and in front of the reception. There is already a long queue of guests. And here there was a question mark, where to put them, since I don’t have a hotelodolar to buy another bungalow? So buying and setting up as I see fit, where there is room and guided only by what I like, has had little effect.

Strategy on the beach

I slowly started to rearrange my quarters. To figure out where to find room for the next. The financial budget has increased a bit, as the guests have paid for. I’m staying in a holiday resort that’s so well known „Thailand”. One of the tourists was hungry, so I directed him to the snack bar. And also here he left some of his hotelodolar in, which re you could reinvest. It started to get really interesting. I stopped looking in the store a bit blind. Now I knew that the guests needed at least £ I have to change the room’s equipment into a TV set, a shower and a wardrobe. For this you need some plants, a changing room, a swimming pool, and finally a store! I already have 12 guests, only one has shopped and another four are waiting!

However, I can not say that I am sitting, listening to the sound of the sea, the singing of birds and I get bored. On the way you have to clean one of the quarters. Water the palm tree. ah. Right next door, another building is just being finished! All the time I am wandering on narrow paths, between different parts of the and some of the facilities. I’m still doing something. And to think how many tasks await me when I can use more options. Once I reach the next level. Shopping, seashells, next levels.

On each level I can buy something, build something, house guests. But in order to earn more, I need better accommodation. About the higher level. So it would be appropriate to transform in an ordinary bungalow into something really luxurious. Looking into the store I can choose from a really wide range of furniture, accessories , accessories in, decoration, as well as an element of game, which re will enjoy the outdoors. They will make the island holiday resort more attractive and attract more guests to stay with me. Eat, buy something, swim in the pool. My income will increase, so maybe soon I will be able to hire an employee to help and eventually start expanding my holiday resort?

My Sunny Resort game

The further away in time, the more possibilities, but also definitely more work. In addition, the need to develop a strategy, because if I misplace the various I will not be able to find room for another. I can buy with hotel dollars, which re, as you can see they are flowing with sources tions. I can also be tempted to make small payments to acquire virtual currency, as well as shells. Even more valuable, allowing you to purchase more items.

The plot

So the plot is simple in itself. I build, buy, decorate, manage and so on. But I can’t do it „blindly”. I need to keep an eye on my finances in, because the success of the development of my holiday resort depends on them. It is simple, but not trivial. Perfect for me.

The setting

Sounds no more or less reflect the nature of vacation trips. Even when I break away from the game for a moment, I can leave it on in the background, a subtle melody gives the impression of a certain peace and tranquility. Is definitely better for my ears, being in the background, than tart silence. Graphics are very friendly to the eye. Although there is a whole range of color , it doesn’t hurt at all. On the contrary. After all, the time of vacation and rest is inextricably linked with the fever of colors. And on top of that, the mapping and details are simply bombastic. The whole thing is very friendly. Maybe it does not provide adrenaline at the highest level, because there is no danger lurking in front of me, a to kill or a surprise not from this earth. But. It draws you in! And for a long time! Sitting like this at night and working out a plan how to decorate your island so that your guests are happy and m j budget was growing, I stopped paying attention to the passing time. And what I did in the first moment after turning on the computer? I looked at how many guests I know I need to accommodate.

Plus – minus

Personally I do not find anything in My Sunny Resort that I could consider a minus. It’s clear, but colorful. Seemingly simple, but not so easy. The game does not bore, does not tire and does not get boring, because you still have to do something. And the more options there are, the more you want to conquer. Next levels in and opportunities. Well, maybe the micropayment options could be counted on the minus side. Attractions, however, which There are so many that I didn’t even think about buying virtual currency or precious shells for my real money.

I can here I can also test my skills on my own, but I may also be tempted to support cooperation with friends. In order to develop the holiday resort faster and more efficiently. The biggest plus here for me is simply the lack of flaws. From start to finish I got the feeling that everything was in place. Is there definitely no downside ? In my subjective opinion not. Only looking objectively at the game itself, those who Those looking for dynamics, excitement and adrenaline will not be interested in My Sunny Resort, because it is quite stable. Why am I not surprised, after all, tastes are different. I was drawn in and probably I wanted to get to my holiday resort.