Game Overview Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Few players will remember the 2015 game Ori and the Blind Forest. The presented platformer has not been heavily publicized, but has earned flattering reviews. The folks at Moon Studios have gone to great lengths to tell the continuing story of the spirit of the Ori Forest. This time new adventures are waiting for him. The developers of Ori and the Will of the Wisps redesigned the gameplay, changed the locations and diversified the logic puzzles.

Synopsis of

At the beginning of the game you can immediately admire the beauty of the area, the forest is mesmerizing, and throughout the story the player will be spoiled with a vivid picture. The little white creature moves quickly and attracts a lot of attention, the character is able to run, jump high and even shoot. On the way he meets various obstacles, and it is important to avoid dangerous places. Not only evil forest inhabitants, but also plants with thorns can cause damage.

Some enemies sleep peacefully in the trees and wait for a character to approach. Solving logical problems is generally not very difficult. After jumping in different directions, it is easy to figure out where to move next. Sometimes the cliffs will be too big, so the protagonist should not rush. You can also climb the rocks if needed. The lasso is a curious weapon that comes in handy around the trees. Forest Spirit can change weapons, but mostly uses arrows.

The characters in the game

Traveling through the woods, the main character in the most unexpected places will find a variety of characters that peacefully stand and wait for him. They have a bizarre appearance, and they are always ready to talk, but beasts are not verbose, give only the most necessary information. More often than not, it consists of providing a map. To move on, it is important to collect the whole puzzle. At the beginning of the game you will meet a curious bird with a clever look. Also on the way there are different hippos and even toads.

Game Interfaces

The developers realized that there is no need to overload the screen with different icons, so the player sees not much:

  1. Health.
  2. Manu.
  3. Available weapons.

Life and mana are represented in the form of a sphere with offshoots.

Locations in the game

The developers have tried to make the forest diverse, there are both dark corners and bright places. More often than not, the main character wanders among trees, unseen plants, and original flowers. On the branches there are inexplicable foliage, which you can cling to. Also there are different bridges, you can run, jump on them. The sand in the location is another amazing place, it is easy to find items, but there are also enemies.

The map in the game

The area is constantly changing, and without a map is sometimes difficult to understand where to go next. The developers decided not to use blocked passageways, so the player has the option to return to the previous familiar places. As stated earlier, a new map can be obtained from the inhabitants of the forest. To find them, you will have to run pretty hard, exploring this wonderful world.

The abilities of the main character

Initially the little guy is unable to use some weapons, and doesn’t have much power. Gaining experience points, new items become available:

  1. Arrows.
  2. Energy balls.
  3. Lasso.

Also separately improved abilities, the main character will be able to jump higher, crawl freely in the sand.

Conclusion on Ori and the Will of the Wisps game

The story of the spirit of the forest, first of all, will attract the attention of children’s audience. Visually, the picture is made at the highest level, so the game wants to play again and again. If you think about the story, as well as the puzzles, they will be interesting to adults. It is interesting to play as a beast, to gain experience points, to communicate with new characters, to fight with the wild inhabitants of the forest.