Runes of Magic: Fatal Enchantment

Runes of Magic is like a puppy crush for me. The first MMORPG, with which I had the opportunity to get acquainted with it for a longer period of time, and the game, which despite many other, more beautiful and smarter, who re appearing in the world Then – I still remember, and it’s quite nice. I can’t write about it objectively and without emotions, but I don’t think I have to. Feel free to take a look at some outdated pictures from player’s private album.

Maybe we’ll jump to the cinema?

I would not like to dwell on how deeply rooted Runes of Magic is in the world of d ubiquitous “handheld title” clone I am aware, however, that many people It is precisely through the prism of a few analogies between Runes of Magic and this undisputed pioneer of the MMORPG genre. The first thing that hat we notice when we create our characters is the small number of races. There are only three (of which the third was added after quite a long time), which, given the current trends, comes out really poorly. With classes it’s better, moreover the possibility of combining them a bit makes up for the situation (about multiclassing p later). Personalization of the appearance – It is not too bad, but of course there are many other titles in, which they solve this issue much better. At first glance it’s average, but we don’t want to do speed dating here, so let’s spend a little more time to look at the game more closely.

Runes of Magic

From the first sight

After the loading screen disappears, we finally see our character in the game, and here is a chance to ignite a spark of sympathy – at least that was the case for me. The setting of the game is very atmospheric, although quite candy. The soundtrack in particular is very pleasing to the ear and complements the nice, colorful locations (unless you start the game as a dwarf – Mines and caves are far less colorful than the elf valley in, though it’s a matter of taste). So it’s nice to dive into the world of Taborea doing first quests, gaining first levels, learning how to fight, collect and craft.

The previously mentioned multi-class system deserves a longer mention – In my opinion, one of the most interesting aspects of the game in the game and definitely It is a game that makes it stand out from the competition. After reaching level 10 you can choose a subclass for your character. This is limited by the race of the hero, which makes some connections are by definition unavailable. What does it give us? Opr In addition to a slight increase in stats, we gain access to some Selected secondary class skills. In practice: a knight with the priest subclass will be m casting healing spells, although the strongest ones will be available only for characters with the e have to get the same class as priest. No problem – If we get bored of tanking, we just need to visit the appropriate NPC and we become a priest with the subclass of knight, receiving a healer with increased defense and the ability to cast buffs defensive. Each call receives an Also a set of special skills that emphasize the character of the hybrid. The hunter/mage will be the most important hen we start to spell arrows, the warrior / rogue will start to fight a little less honorably. If we add to this the fact that each character can learn up to 3-th so many different classes (so we get 6 possible combinations), the game becomes really interesting. The downside is the need to level up each class separately, but in the game there are specially designed quest areas.

Runes of Magic

The mundane of everyday life

Unfortunately, after the initial delight and several hours spent with the game, we begin to see its shortcomings. The first problem is instances, which re – though really atmospherically made – They do not make up for the effort put into their completion. Items, which re we collect for defeating the boss They are often inferior to those who The connections that we have to get in order. I have to deal with them. There is no tool to search for team members e are doomed to the old-fashioned standing at the entrance and shouting in the chat. As a result, low-level characters usually go to the instances in the cover of some „coke” only in order to complete quests in a given zone. For me, as a lover of dungeon conquest This is a big minus.

Another thing is the importance of micropayments. Unfortunately, but if we do not want to spend money on the game, we’ll have to deal with merciless grind in the form of farming materials The mines and caves are far less colorful than the valley of elves and the repetition of mini-games re quickly becomes a boring chore. The system of upgrading the equipment constantly requires us to get items in which re without got  good equipment it’s difficult to complete the most difficult instances that offer the fastest income – and so the circle closes.

Runes of Magic

To sum up: Runes of Magic can seduce you with its atmospheric setting and fun classes, in addition it is able to keep this fascination for as long as we explore new zones and level up. P Then we are forced to take off the nose from the goggles. Endgame unfortunately strips us of illusions and exposes the true essence of the game, which requires constant sacrifice of time or money. Production of Runewaker Entertainment studio is a game which without two The chanson has something special in itself and could be very good. but at the moment it is not.