The Starfield New Game Plus mode is a surprising addition to the game. It is the first time Bethesda has included this feature in one of their games. The integration of the mode into the campaign and narrative is well done and adds an interesting element to the gameplay. This guide will discuss what players can expect from Starfield’s New Game Plus mode, including its quirks and changes. Warning: This article contains spoilers.

What to expect from New Game Plus mode in Starfield

Players can access the Starfield New Game Plus mode after completing the Revelations final mission. Once they choose to go to the Unity to see the endings, they are presented with a choice:

  • If they walk toward the Unity (the big sparkly orb in the center), they will begin their New Game Plus run as a Starborn in an “alternate” universe.
  • If they walk away from the Unity, back to the edge of the area (the darkness), they will return to their ship and continue exploring in the “main” universe.

Players must step into the big, shiny ball to start their New Game Plus run.

What carries over in New Game Plus

The Starfield New Game Plus feature allows players to carry over the following:

  • All traits – Most traits are set and cannot be changed.
  • All skills – Unlocked skills and their leveling progress are retained. There is no level cap, so players can continue acquiring new and higher-tier skills.
  • All obtained powers – Powers unlocked in the previous playthrough will still be available. Additionally, upgraded variants of powers can be found in temples.
  • The Frontier – Whether the player sold the Frontier or not, it will still be with them in the New Game Plus run.

Players will keep all their skills and powers from the initial playthrough.

What you lose when you advance to New Game Plus

Everything. Yes, everything is lost. Here is a list of what is lost:

  • All items obtained, including weapons, spacesuits, crafting materials, and the powerful digipicks.
  • All other ships from the initial run, except for the Frontier, will disappear.
  • Outposts will no longer exist.
  • Credits will be lost.
  • All visited and scanned planets will need to be revisited and re-scanned. Players will have to travel to star systems again using the game’s galaxy map.

What do you get in New Game Plus

Fortunately, there are some exciting additions to the Starfield New Game Plus playthrough. As a Starborn, players can expect the following:

  • They wake up in a Starborn Guardian II ship, which becomes their own ship. They can now pilot their own Starborn ship.
  • They receive the Starborn Spacesuit Astra, a full outfit that includes armor, helmet, and jetpack. Equipping the suit grants all its benefits. However, if they choose to wear other items, such as an Ecliptic Helmet or Constellation Pack, they will need to equip individual items in the other slots.
  • There is a chance to receive the Starborn Spacesuit Materia in subsequent New Game Plus runs. This suit has better stats and different mods. It is unclear if Starborn suits are randomized or if they are part of a progression system in New Game Plus.

These are just a few of the exciting features players can expect from New Game Plus in Starfield. When players go to The Lodge, they will meet Constellation, who will be just as surprised as they are, as they are in a different universe. Players also have the option to skip the main quest entirely, which will change many things. They may also encounter the Starborn Trader.

Starfield is a massive game with numerous planets to explore. For more tips and tactics, visit our guides hub.