Warface? Victory is the only option

Games of the first person shooter genre have long been leading in the race for the king of popularity. They owe their position to such titles as Counter Strike, as well as the Battlefield and Call of Duty game series. Today we take under the microscope Warface production, which managed to find its place among the big fish and gain quite a number of regular players. How they did it? Let’s see.

So far so good

Even before we start the game we are presented with eye-pleasing images, namely the logo of the Crytek company and the Cryengine graphics engine. I must admit that this set the bar pretty high, and moment by moment I became more and more skeptical about the graphics presented in this production. But before I moved on to the gameplay itself, I had to explore a few things. We begin our soldier adventure by choosing a character’s face. This is basically the only cosmetic treatment we can do and it’s worth noting that it doesn’t look the best. The hero’s face is not in the same level of sharpness and looks, in short, like it was glued on. The difference between the images decreases proportionally to the increase of graphics settings, but on the highest settings, I still feel a slight discomfort while looking at the soldier I’ve just created.


Does he look like.


After the modification, I was greeted by a tutorial guided by a gentle female voice speaking in Polish. The introduction contained all the basic information required to enter the battle. It was short, but incredibly concise. In my opinion, even the most experienced players should pass it. All in all, they have no choice. You can say that it is mandatory. A velvety voice describes to us the gameplay I haven’t encountered anywhere else. Plays that improve combat mechanics and mobility on the battlefield. Already at this point I started to be slightly impressed. Interface is simple, in nice colors, and moving through it doesn’t leave any unnecessary questions.

We go into action

Let’s move on to the gameplay itself, because you’re probably most interested in it after reading the second paragraph. For a free-to-play game, Warface looks very good. Already during the tutorial I was positively surprised, and then it was only getting better. As a freshman we have to deal with bots missions at the beginning. Their level of difficulty increases with the next task, but for experienced players such a start may be simply boring. The developers have decided to compromise and allow players to enjoy PvP gameplay after unlocking rank two. Don’t get me wrong, the missions offered are very interesting. Located in exotic locations not once made me stop and admire the views.

A wide selection

We can start the fight with a soldier from one of the four available classes, which can be unlocked over time. They are shooter, sniper, medic and engineer. Each has skills so unique that I dare say it’s mandatory to have each of them on the team.
I’m also talking about passive skills or specialized equipment, which fit fantastically in some of the maps and game modes, of which we have quite a few. In addition to fighting the wicked soldiers of Blackwood it’s worth a little better look at the Versus option. It offers as many as six gameplay modes. Most of the names give all the necessary information, so I’ll tell you a little about those that caught my attention. Storm is a familiar, but rarely introduced mode. It involves taking over three points defended by the enemy. I like the dynamic and extremely aggressive gameplay, which is probably why I enjoy it so much. Tactic is an option that requires complexity of gameplay, so we can not find it in other productions of this type. It is based on diverse terrain and making quick, strategic decisions such as changing classes. We need to use its maximum potential.

This is not the end

Warface is a production that strongly distinguishes itself from other games of its genre. Interesting gameplay based on Cryengine engine made me hear about this shooter more than once and I will surely hear a lot more in the future. It’s a great alternative to paid titles and I’m convinced that it will provide you with hours of gameplay.